3 Easy To Follow Methods On How To Get Rid Of Beer Stain

By   November 8, 2016

When adults do party, beer will definitely be present in there. And when you and your friends are getting groggy, your drinks will start to spill out of your mugs that will result to beer stain on your clothes, carpet or on your car seats. What more if you were totally wasted and you throw up? Well, that’s another problem.

This article will give you tips and tricks on how you can get rid of beer stain using cleaning agents that can be easily found in your household. At the end of this article, you will learn how to clean and get rid of beer stain on clothing, carpet and upholstery.

3 Easy To Follow Methods On How To Get Rid Of Beer Stain

How to get rid of beer stain on clothing

Begin by soaking your cloth in a solution of lukewarm water, dish washing liquid and water. Let your cloth soaked in the solution for about 10 to 15 minutes so that the solution will be able to penetrate the fabric. Then rinse well. As a result, the dish washing liquid will soften the stain and it will make it easier for you to wash off the beer stain. The purpose of the vinegar is to eliminate the smell of the beer.

Next is to sponge off the stain with rubbing alcohol to clean the stain. Start working from the center of the beer stain going out. Do not rub too hard so you would not damage your clothing. Use a clean sponge to avoid transferring of stains. Continue with the application of rubbing alcohol until the beer stain is gone.

Lastly, wash your clothes as you normally do. Set your washer temperature as high as the fabric will allow. To check the allowable temperature, read the operating manual of your washer or look for labels on your washer. You can add a bit of bleach to achieve maximum cleanliness.

How to get rid of beer stain on upholstery

First, using a paper towel, blot the beer stain immediately and let the paper towel absorb the beer as much as possible. This will lessen the amount of stain that will form in the upholstery.

After that, make a solution composed of lukewarm water and dish washing liquid and apply the solution in the beer stain area. Get a white clean cloth, dip it in the solution and press it in the beer stain area of the upholstery. Do it until you notice an improvement. Keep pressing until the beer stain is gone.

Lastly, you have to get a new piece of clean white cloth. Pour in a little bit of water on the affected area then pressing the new cloth to absorb the water. This will be your rinsing process. Continue doing this until the detergent is gone. Keep in pressing using new piece of cloth until the upholstery is mostly dry.

How to get rid of beer stain on carpet

Basically, you can apply the procedure on upholstery except for 1 little addition. The additional step is the application of hydrogen peroxide. When you are already done and dried it up but there is still a visible beer stain, directly pour in hydrogen peroxide in the beer stain area a little bit at a time and it will dissolve the stain.


If you can manage, always treat with stain as soon as possible because it is easier to deal with when a stain is still fresh.

Always check the care tags of fabrics before applying any solution or stain remover because some fabrics are delicate.

Final thoughts

And that is how you treat beer stain on fabrics. So when you have to host a party, you won’t need to worry anymore about having beers all over your carpet because you are now armed with the right knowledge.

I hope you learned something!

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