7 Practical Pieces Of Advice To Reduce Your Ironing Chore

By   October 6, 2016

Do you hate ironing but you still have to do it because you need to?

There are a few articles that give you advice on how to completely eliminate ironing chore such as laundry hack that means no more ironing ever.

But in reality, there are types of fabric that are very prone to wrinkles. And there are also clothes that you have to iron especially for formal dresses.

Ironing your clothes can make you feel and look good.

This is important when you are in a corporate world and much more important when you are the one who have direct contact with clients.

First impressions last a lifetime.

Do not forget that especially if you are in the marketing department or if you are one of the top officials of the company you are working for. What’s even more important is when you are the owner of a business that promotes cleanliness.

Yes, ironing is an added chore and is time-consuming. But whatever the reason may be, you have to find time to iron your clothes. Not necessarily all of your clothes but definitely some of your important clothes.

7 Practical Pieces Of Advice To Reduce Your Ironing Chore

Here’s the 7 Practical Pieces of Advice to Reduce your Ironing Chore

1. Separate your pajamas and other clothes that you only wear in your house

You don’t have to iron those clothes because you only wear them in your home. Just make sure to launder and fold it properly.

2. Use fabric conditioner

Fabric conditioners soften the fabric. As a result, fewer wrinkles will come out after doing you’re your laundry. If the fabric is cotton, then there will only a few wrinkles visible after drying.

3. Use hangers

Weather you use drying machine or air drying, use hangers so that the wrinkles on your clothes will flatten naturally. Denims and jeans are best dried using hangers to lessen the wrinkles. Using clips can also work wonders for you.

4. For hand washed clothing, avoid excessive twisting and wringing

Too much twisting and wringing can stretch or sink the fabric and it will be harder to iron it.

5. Fold your clothes before you shoot it in the laundry basket

Wrinkles on clothes can sometimes start even before you do actual washing. When a cloth is just stock piled with no proper arrangement, more wrinkles will be visible and fabric conditioners won’t be enough to restore the original look.

6. Avoid folding your office attire

You can also hang them when you place them in your closet to prevent visible fold patterns.

7. Hire someone to do the ironing work for you

If you really hate ironing or you simply have no time, get a part-time maid to iron your clothes once a week. You can also avail the services of a laundry shop. Many laundry shops accept ironing works only. It will cost you some money but you can really avoid ironing your own clothes with this one.

Final thoughts

The truth is I can’t imagine why some people hate ironing their own clothes. I think it was the way they were raised or maybe just playing lazy at times. I know someone who does not iron their own clothes because they can do more productive work so they choose to outsource their laundry. That reasoning is valid for me.

But if your reason is you just hate doing it and you feel like ironing is a burden to you, then it’s your choice. It’s your life anyway. However, knowing that you managed to read the post this far makes me think that you sincerely want a definite solution.

So I recommend that you follow the above advice one at a time and you’ll that you’ll get used to it.

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I hope you learned something!

Feel free to comment below.

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