7 Desirable Qualities That Confirms You Hired The Right Employee

By   May 16, 2016

Don’t worry too much when interviewing an applicant. It doesn’t really matter what they know and qualities they have today but of what they can contribute in your business for the years to come. You may begin to see if you made the right decision on hiring an employee after a month or two. Since you are in the laundry service industry, be aware of these seven desirable qualities which confirm that you hired the right one.


7 Desirable qualities that confirms you hired the right employee

1. Honest

An employee may be intelligent, but without honesty, nothing big will be accomplished. I made it in the number 1 spot because this will be the foundation of your business. Without honesty, customers might be turned off and may never come back to avail your services. Honesty will also be the primary factor to have a harmonious relationship with you as their boss and with their fellow worker.

2. Reliability

There will come a time that you will need to go out and market your business or simply by going on vacation. You can test the reliability of an employee by giving them a task, may it be hard or easy. By reporting back to you and applying or following your instructions, you can be sure that your business is being taken care off.

3. Hardworking

You can see this trait by observing how they work. Working hard doesn’t necessarily mean working from morning until night, but with the quantity and quality of accomplishment. And when the situation gets tough and you need to accomplish more, they render their service and offer you help even though it is already overtime.

4. Eager to learn

An employee that is eager to learn asks relevant questions and applies it in work. Remember that the best way to learn something is to do it over and over again. Practice makes perfect. Of course you should guide them along the way. Mistakes will come but they will learn from it if they are willing.

5. Neat

First impressions last. Because your business is cleaning clothes, your employees should be neat also. This trait is natural. If an employee maintains his or her grooming even under heavy physical work, it will give your business more real meaning because you are promoting cleanliness. This trait will surely attract more customers. It’s a plus so be aware of it.

6. Customer oriented

An employee that knows how to interact with clients is a customer oriented person. Clients love to be treated well especially when you are offering services to them. As a result, costumers will feel their clothes are safe in your business.

7. Physically healthy

Dealing with tons of laundry requires a lot of physical effort. This is different from hard work. If an employee can handle the physical activity well, then you are right in hiring him or her.

That’s it! If your employees have these seven qualities, you can safely say that you hired the right person. All of these traits are important. If you have the right person working for you, then there is a very good chance that your business will flourish.

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