8 Biggest Laundry Mistakes You Are Most Likely Doing

By   July 21, 2017

Just like how every person is not created equally, the clothes you wear are also different from each other. This means that different materials will also require unique and different approaches to avoid laundry mistakes.

You probably know by now that you should separate your clothes, but are you sure that you wash them the right way?

If you think that washing your clothes is an ordinary chore, you better think again. For all you know, you could have been making a lot of laundry mistakes that can compromise your clothes, ruin your appliances, and make the whole process more complicated than what it was supposed to be.

8 Biggest Laundry Mistakes You Are Most Likely Doing

8 Biggest Laundry Mistakes You Are Most Likely Doing

Here are the 8 biggest laundry mistakes you are most likely doing for the longest time and should avoid before it gets too late:

1 Wrong Timing When Adding Clothes

If you use bleach, make sure that the washing machine gets filled with water first before you add the bleach followed by the clothes. If you will not add bleach, you can put in your clothes first, followed by detergent before you add water.

2 Using Cleaning Products Excessively

Do you add large scoops of detergent instead of measuring it first carefully? If yes, you will only put extra wear and tear on your machine and cause a buildup of soap in your clothes. It is best to learn the correct way of using laundry detergent to avoid this soapy problem.

3 Overusing Bleach

More often than not, you don’t really need bleach for stains, and you definitely don’t need it for your daily pile of whites. Bleach can destroy fabric, leaving your whites yellowed and brittle. You will get the most out of your clothes by using bleach for that occasional extra oomph.

4 Allowing Your Washing Machine Shimmy and Shake

Your machine must not walk or rock across the floor during spin cycles. It will only cause more damages and expensive repair bills. Use a piece of plywood to level your machine.

5 Not Cleaning Your Dryer

Also among the biggest laundry mistakes, you can make is forgetting that your dryer also needs cleaning every now and then. The residue of fabric softener and lint can all build up after some time which can lead to higher energy costs or even a potential fire hazard. You have to detach the dryer hose then run a vent brush through this at least once a year.

6 Overfilling Your Machine

You will only make your washer wear out much faster if you constantly overfill it, not to mention that it will also leave detergent residue and dirt on your clothes. An overloaded dryer can increase your energy expenses and leave you with wrinkled clothes.

7 Forgetting to Check the Labels

A lot of people neglect the instruction when they wash their clothes, and this is one of the biggest laundry mistakes as it can ruin your clothes.

8 Leaving Velcro Closures, Hook, and Zippers Undone

All of these can catch and damage other clothes. See to it that you fasten everything properly before you put them inside the washing machine.


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