The blog is mainly for Entrepreneurs who are interested in starting a Laundry Business.

And whether you’re a student, young professional or a stay at home dad/mom, the blog also shares to you lessons on taking care of your laundry.

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Mission, Vision and Goal


  • The company aims to serve as a guide for entrepreneurs who want to venture in the laundry business industry.
  • To educate people to on how to take care of their clothing worldwide.
  • To serve more clients (online and offline) by being transparent to them through this blog.
  • To keep track the progress of the laundry business.


  • This blog will become an ultimate guide for an individual when they plan to engage in the laundry industry.
  • This blog will the center of all suppliers of equipment, detergents and other products related to cleaning and laundry services.
  • This blog will be trusted because of helpful and practical insights about taking care of clothing.


  • To be the most trusted online resource for aspiring laundry business entrepreneurs.

The Business

About CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Logo

CNN SOAPBOX LAUNDRY SHOP is a Laundromat Business established in the year 2014. A company duly organized and existing under the rules of law. It is an innovative company that uses both modern and traditional way of washing clothes.

We maintain high class equipment and tools, quality detergents and fabric conditioners to provide clients with satisfying services. Well trained and experienced manpower handles the work to ensure a damage free package and utmost care in cleaning.

CNN SOAPBOX LAUNDRY SHOP commits to render quality and competitive, honest and trustworthy to its clients. It is bound to help its clients to experience the real worth of their money spent. The company serves individual, agency, corporate industry, big or small household, offices and institutions.

CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Branch 1 Flier

Branch 1 Address: #19 Unang Hakbang Street, Barangay San Isidro, Quezon City

CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Branch 2 Flier

Branch 2 Address: Ground Floor Global Elite Residences Building, 720 M. V. Delos Santos Street, Sampaloc, Manila

The Group

CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Family

Christmas Party @ Tramway, Pasay

CNN Soapbox Laundry Shop Family at Yvan Navy

Late Night Snack @ Yvan Navy, Manila

The Blog

Started last December 9, 2015 on a free platform (Blogger). Denver Nario (the author) launched the official blog on May 5, 2016 in celebration to the 2nd year anniversary of the laundry shop. The blog is about the business and its progress. The blog will feature the following:

  • Tips and tricks on taking care of laundry
  • Handling of business
  • Handling of employees
  • Techniques you can apply at home
  • Learn lessons from our experiences
  • Life lessons
  • Facts about laundry
  • Reviews about equipment
  • Reviews about suppliers
  • Personal finances
  • Sharing of sensible blogs and videos
  • Blogging
  • Events

Also, please read the article Purpose of this blog.

The Author

About Denver Nario and Cathyren Nebre

Denver Nario is a husband, dad, blogger, employee and an aspiring entrepreneur. 33 years old as of the time of writing (2016). Filipino. Catholic. Lives in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

His wife is Cathyren N. Nebre (they got the laundry business name in her initials, CNN).

Denver Nario have a son named Eon Dave N. Nario.

With a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in Adamson University year 2008.

And a proud alumnus of Agno National High School Batch 99.

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