Do you have these 29 Essential Accessories and Tools in your Laundry Shop?

By   May 30, 2016

You’re very busy attending seminars, studying your cash flow, purchasing of equipment, hiring employees and marketing your business. There is a lot of preparation to do. But have you considered the accessories and tools needed for your laundry shop to run smoothly? Check the following list.

Essential Accessories and Tools

1. Weighing scale
To be used in weighing the clothes you receive. A 20kg bench scale is recommended to be stationed in your shop. You can have either analog or a digital type. A portable spring scale should also be ready in case you have to pick up the clothes from a customer’s place because it is handy.

Accessories and tools

2. Log books
For record purposes. This is where you list down all your transactions. I recommend providing different sets of log books for the clothes you receive, your expenses, sales, monitoring of inventory, time sheets, accessories and tools, etc. It depends on your needs.

3. Papers for tagging
You need small cut out of papers. You can use scratch papers since it is only use for temporary tagging. So you will know which one is for whom.

4. Pens and markers
Of course, you can’t use your log books and tagging without a pen. You can’t list your accessories and tools if you don’t have these.

5. Stapler and staple wires
Used when compiling papers like receipts, forms, delivery notes, etc.

6. Folders and binders
This is where you file your papers like receipts, forms, delivery notes, etc.

7. Tables (with and without drawer)
Tables with drawers should be placed in the reception area. Other tables should be used for laundry works like sorting and folding.

8. Chairs / stalls
To be placed in the reception area for your customer’s use. Provide stalls for your workers too. It can also be used as a foot board to get to things that are out of your reach. Though, it is not the proper way use of a chair.

Accessories and tools for washing

9. Wash basin (big and small)
This is essential when hand washing. Very helpful when soaking of heavily soiled and stained clothes.

10. Wash board and brush
It is also very important that have these in your shop. Sooner or later, you will use it.

11. Hose
You need this so you won’t have to waste your time and effort for putting water in your washing machine or in your basins or in your buckets.

12. Bucket (big and small)
If you don’t have a hose or you can use buckets to transfer water. Still effective but will consume a little time and strength.

13. Water dipper
It is used when transferring small amount of any liquid from one container to the other.

14. Mesh bag
Put your delicate clothes here and shoot it in the washer.

Accessories and tools for drying

15. Hangers
This accessory is very practical and a really good space saver when air drying. It is also used to hang the pressed clothes.

16. Clothes pin / clothes peg
It is used to clip your hanged clothes so it won’t fall off or get knocked out easily.

Accessories and tools

17. Portable clothes horse
It is used to hang the clothes when air drying is required. Since it is portable, your space will be maximized by folding it when not in use.

18. Clothes line
If your shop has a backyard, set up a clothes line. Take advantage of natural drying by sunlight and air. You can save a lot of resources.

19. Cabinets /racks
This is where you display your finished product. You can also use it as a storage rack for your inventories. Position it wisely.

20. Laundry bags
If you offer a pick-up and delivery service, then you should have laundry bags to easily transport the clothes in and out you shop.

21. Basket
To be used in proper segregation. Tidy up your shop with the use of baskets.

22. Plastic bags / Eco bags / Paper bags
Packaging your finished product with high quality bags will represent your business. If you can afford, put you logo in these bags to promote your business.

Accessories and tools for ironing

23. Iron board
It is a basic accessory when ironing the clothes. Kindly read my article on how to press or iron your clothes properly.

24. Spray bottle
Fill it with water and place it within you reach when ironing. It’s a simple magic in removing wrinkles on clothes.

Accessories and tools for maintenance and monitoring

25. Clock
Time is very important so accurately sequencing your activities will boost up your productivity. Check the time regularly.

Accessories and tools

26. Basic maintenance tools
I’m talking about screw driver, pliers, wrench, knife and scissor. Trust me, you need those. You can include other accessories and tools you might need.

27. Altar
Pray every day. Give thanks and ask for heavenly guidance. It will also remind you that your business is also for Him.

28. Suggestion box
Placing this in your reception area will give an impression to your customer’s that you value their opinion. Encourage your customer’s to give their suggestions or opinions for the improvement of your business so you can serve them better.

29. Tip / donation box
When a customer is satisfied with your service, they might give a little reward. Don’t keep it for yourself. Give this to your workers, divided equally. Or donate it to a charity.

As you may have notice, the list consists of just the basic accessories and tools needed but are essential to run your business smoothly. Small things tend to be forgotten.

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