Attended Blogapalooza Horizons 2016

By   May 28, 2016

This is my first time to attend an event as a blogger. It’s a great experience! It’s educational, fun and it’s silly. I’ll elaborate that further later. Thanks to Blogapalooza!



Horizons – Charting the Unchartered

The event was held last May 21, 2016 at Centris Elements Prosperity Hall.

What is Blogapalooza?

I’ll just describe Blogapalooza in layman’s term for those who don’t know them. Blogapalooza is a group of people that organizes events for business and bloggers. The cool part is it’s free to join! The group is headed by Ms. Ace Gapuz. She also has a podcast titled Wise Cash.

It’s educational

Talks and presentations were conducted by different speakers throughout the event. Speakers and guests like Ms. Ginger Arboleda, Mr. Lloyd Cadena, Prof. Norman Agatep, Prof. Michelle Villanueva, Mr. Mikael Daez, Ms. Erica Padilla , and many more.

 It’s full of fun

Booths offered mini games and gave away freebies. Blogapalooza also had games and performances.

The business participants had raffle draws for the bloggers who signed up to their booth. (I didn’t win any! LOL)

Prices were flooding!

The talks were educational and entertaining at the same time.

It’s silly

I went to the comfort room and while washing my hands at the lavatory, a gentleman came in and washed his hands also. I finished first so I went out.

And there was Erika Padilla talking with her friends. I saw and knew it was her.

I was riddled why too many people were outside but their attention was not focused on Erika. There were about 25 people.

When the gentleman exited, he was immediately surrounded and people took pictures of him. Then I realized he is Mikael Daez! The one and only! Shayks! What a dumb fellow I was!

Okay, I moved on.

I was standing outside and just finished a phone call. Two fellows arrived. They are gay and walked in front of me.

So I went back in and listened to the ongoing talk.

After an hour, another speaker was called up on the stage. His name is Lloyd Cadena.

I was surprised when he climbed up the stage. It was him! The gay who walked right in front of me!

(I’m sorry, Lloyd. I really have no idea about you. Seriously)

As he continued his presentation, I was amazed about his achievement!

The funny part is that it happened at exactly in the same area of the building!

I’m serious! It really happened! I have my friend with me in the event too and he was laughing at me the whole time! Silly me!

What a Blogapalooza experience! Haha!

Now, rate how silly I am in the comment section. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Things I’ve learned

Bloggers are considered digital influencers.

Be authentic by knowing yourself.

Blogging is not just about quantity. Quality is significant.

Treat the blog as a business.

Build connection with like-minded people.

Don’t be afraid to sell your talent.

Everybody has the power to influence but keep it positive so it can help the world.

Internet is just a tool. Use it to your advantage.

If your blog is real, it will help someone somewhere.

Don’t look for monetizing your blog right away.

Stay true to yourself.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have an audience yet. Keep learning and keep blogging. Keep it real and the reward will follow.

Watch YouTube so you would be familiar with Lloyd.


Indulge yourself with the following slide.


Businesses met (Thanks for the gifts!)


Hey Kuya



Tag Cash

Speedy Cards

Gold Stack

Skin Station

World Vision

Happy Fresh


Hotteok King



Empire East


Thank you Blogapalooza!

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