What is the best business right now that you know

By   August 24, 2017

I have encountered this question on the web about the best business right now that I know. I think the guy is searching for a trend and is looking for answers. I couldn’t resist answering in that forum and I wanted to make a blog post so I can expound my point.

The common answers using the digital world and internet like developing the next Facebook and Amazon. There is also an advice to start a new company that should rival Apple, Microsoft and Alphabet (Google). Some of them recommended affiliate marketing and network marketing. One person also commented that selling sandwiches are the best business right now.

What is the best business right now that you know

While all of those are very good ideas, I think I have a better one. One that is backed up by history and popularity. Can you guess what my answer to this question was? Of course, I did recommend starting a laundry business.


The best business right now

If you are living in a highly populated area or city, I recommend laundry business. Just like in food business, all of us need to wash our clothing because it is important to wear clean clothes all the time. Especially if you are in the corporate world.

Laundry service business is the best business right now in cities because of lack of space. Some condominiums and dormitories prohibit their tenants to wash their clothes in their rental units. Thus, forcing the tenants to outsource their laundry needs. May it be self service laundry shop or a full service laundry shop, someone has to wash the dirty clothes.

The business capital is low however; it is not easy because you have to be physically present. That is if your offer is a full service Laundromat. Self service or do-it-yourself laundry shop setup is way more expensive than the traditional full service laundry shop setup. But if you choose either the two of them, I think laundry business is still the best business right now.

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