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Keeping your Head Down and Keep Blogging

It has been a tough year for me. I get advises like don’t stop and keep blogging. But it was easier said than done. I’d like to stick my head on blogging and hopefully achieve what my original purpose was. And one of those purposes is to make additional income thru blogging. I have read… Continue reading »

What Is The Core Content Of This Blog That Can Benefit You

Core content basically means the main topic that you discuss all throughout the medium or platform you use. In blogging, it is widely referred to as your niche. It can also be described as a theme. Deciding what the core content of your blog is important so that you will have a clear perspective. You… Continue reading »

How To Stand Out On Topics That Are Already Available In The Web

Bloggers who stand out on topics creates epic posts. But when you try to Google their topics, you will find a bunch of results that discuss the same thing. Many startup bloggers end up with their eyes rolling and wandering how to make such articles. I’m a new blogger too. I’ve been blogging for less… Continue reading »