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Laundry Promotion Ideas – 14 Tips For Added Visibility

From the previous article, we talked about the things to consider when promoting your laundry business. We have considered the time of the day and week, how an event, signage and giveaways can be helpful, and even sponsorship and acknowledgement letters. However, there are a lot more laundry promotion ideas that you can consider. Laundry… Continue reading »

The Right Workload Distribution To Laundromat Employees

Laundry shop works and activities are not that hard to do. They are so simple that employees just have to follow exact procedures. But you still have to establish proper workload distribution to your employees to make sure of smooth workflow. Workload distribution to employees should be clear and precise to avoid having problems. Problems… Continue reading »

Laundry Business Pricing Strategies That You Should Look Into

From the previous blog post, you have learned how to create a price list. Today, you will learn laundry business pricing strategies that you should look into. Laundry business is a promising business that is why more and more shops are opening because of the rising population. It is indeed one of the top businesses… Continue reading »

Things You Need to Know When Starting a Laundry Service

If you want to be successful, you have to start somewhere, right? Starting a laundry service business seems to be a good idea because it doesn’t require a billion pesos upfront. It also doesn’t require hundreds of manpower. It also doesn’t require you a specific college degree in order to pursue laundry service business. Basically,… Continue reading »