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How To Pack Clothes For Traveling

This post is about how to pack clothes for traveling. You will learn the right and smart way in folding your shirts, pants, socks, jackets and long sleeves. You will be surprised how organized your traveling bag after you applied this into your life. 

Do Clothes Dry Faster on a Windy Day or on a Sunny Day

I was intrigued when I saw this question, do clothes dry faster on a windy day or on a sunny day? It made me think because I myself has become confused. Is it logical or just a common sense? Now, don’t get me wrong. Let’s see…

Top Loading Washing Machine vs Front Loading Washing Machine [Comparison]

This is the most frequent question that pops up to laundry business owners. Which one is better, top loading washing machine or front loading washing machine? There are some things to consider when choosing washing machines for your business. You have to think about your budget and your laundry room spaces are the most important… Continue reading »

How Do Optical Brighteners Work On Clothes

For several years, laundry detergent companies were fighting to win the title of the brightest colors and whites. To make the fabrics appear brighter and cleaner, a lot of famous companies utilize optical brighteners in the formulas of their detergent. However, what should you know about optical brighteners? How do these work and what are… Continue reading »