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Honesty In Business – Do You Practice It?

What I want to discuss in this article is the basic idea of honesty in business.  The world is a wonderful place to do business, but with the continuous flood of other small business, it can be a horrible and very frustrating for the average customer. 

6 Ways How You Can Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If truth be told, great entrepreneurs are not satisfied with ease and comfort. They push their own limits and get out of their comfort zone to achieve greatness. They conquered their fears without being perfect. Behind their success was a series of failures too. And that was the thing that separated them from being broke… Continue reading »

7 Practical Pieces Of Advice To Reduce Your Ironing Chore

Do you hate ironing but you still have to do it because you need to? There are a few articles that give you advice on how to completely eliminate ironing chore such as laundry hack that means no more ironing ever. But in reality, there are types of fabric that are very prone to wrinkles…. Continue reading »

Nine Factors That Affect Your Productivity At Work

Productivity is a measure of output based in the input you had given. In manufacturing industry, it can be defined as the quantity and quality of products which is made out of a certain raw materials. In the corporate world, productivity can be perceived as the result of something you did. The required result for… Continue reading »