Keeping your Head Down and Keep Blogging

By   December 30, 2016

It has been a tough year for me. I get advises like don’t stop and keep blogging. But it was easier said than done. I’d like to stick my head on blogging and hopefully achieve what my original purpose was. And one of those purposes is to make additional income thru blogging.

I have read a lot of blogging experiences where they show off their income and other perks they have got. Some even had 6 figure monthly incomes. I was jealous about it and I truly envy them. But I admire them at the same time. I look up to them and I wanted to achieve what they have.

This blog was started on a free platform called and after a few months, I decided to get my own domain name and purchased a web hosting package thru BlueHost. It was May 2016 when this blog was made live on a self hosted website. I taught myself how to setup a blog by reading a lot of related blog posts and video tutorials. It was good and I managed to keep blogging.

Keeping your Head Down and Keep Blogging

Things I’ve done to get more readers

To get more readers, I learned (and still learning) about search engine optimization or SEO. I shared my content on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites like crazy to get more eyeballs for my posts. I made an account on Quora and answered questions related to laundry business niche. Commented on other blogs and cooperating and engaging in their community. I also joined and enlisted my blog to different blogging directories.

After that, I signed up on different training programs and events both free and paid. I reached out to some of the big names in Blogosphere. Attended webinars and read a lot of E-books to learn more tips and strategies of blogging. I have subscribed to many blogs that flooded my email inbox every day. I pushed myself to write more quality blog post and sincerely helped my readers who reached out to me.

Number don’t lie

It seemed like a lot of accomplishment and it seemed that I should already have hundreds of followers and thousands of page views per month. But most of the time, there were only crickets.

By looking on the numbers of my stats, I have fallen short on every single strategy I stated above. I failed to get good results because I tried to do it all. Even my reading affected the results because a large chunk of my time was dedicated to reading and learning that I forgot to start applying all the lessons I learned right away.

No, I did not earn from my blog this year.

Keep writing and keep blogging

I told myself to not quit writing and to keep blogging even if no one is reading my posts. Also, I told myself to keep sharing useful information and insights about my experiences and about the laundry business niche. I will keep my head down and keep blogging and continue to chase my goal. It might just be around the corner already, who knows?

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