How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh During Rainy Days

By   August 28, 2016

Undeniably, it’s already rainy season here in the Philippines. Heavy rains are pouring multiple times a day for two weeks now. The result is that many household are having problems of keeping their clothes smelling fresh especially for those who are renting a small room.

People who are living in condominiums are also experiencing this kind of laundry problem during these times.

Today, I will share to you some tips and tricks in managing your laundry during rainy season.

How To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh During Rainy Days

How to keep your clothes smelling fresh during rainy days

Remove mud stains right away

It is common to catch some mud when you are walking under the rain and even after the rain. When you are still on your work and you can’t change your clothes, it is best to wipe them off right away.

When you are already on your home, it is advisable to wash them immediately with cold water and hang them to dry. Don’t let the mud get dry on your clothes as much as possible because the odor of the mud will stick to your clothes.

Then you should wash them thoroughly during your wash day. Add half cup of lemon juice or vinegar on your wash cycle with detergent to eliminate the bad odor. This will help to keep your clothes smelling fresh.

Fabric conditioner

This will freshen up your clothes when they are dried properly. Except for smelling fresh, it will also help retain the good texture of your clothes even after you walked through the flood on the streets.

Use drying machine

If you have a drying machine, this is the best time to make use of it to dry your clothes since there is not enough natural sunlight to dry them. It will break the bacteria that live in your clothes but just make sure that you are using the right temperature that is compatible with the type of fabric.

Use your spinner

If you do not own a drying machine, then a spinner will do fine too. This will lessen the drying time of your clothes.

Use your electric fan

When it’s raining, obviously you can’t hang them to dry outside your house. Hang the clothes properly and let the electric fan do its job by directing the air towards your hang clothes. Moisture in your clothes will get dry faster not allowing the bacteria to grow and in effect will prevent your clothes from unpleasant smell.

For towels and thick cloths

Putting in additional cup of detergent will do the trick. Clean and rinse them thoroughly so they won’t build up molds. Bear in mind that this kind of garment is very hard to dry so you may want to separately wash them with your casual clothes.

Dry your clothes indoors

Of course you have to hang them indoors or else your clothes will end up wetter if you hang them outside. This is just a common sense method but I still included it be clear of I am trying to point out.

Clean the washer

One factor to keep your clothes smelling fresh is to clean your washer. You can do this by performing a short cycle with water only then let the washer dry for a few minutes by letting the washer lid open.

Make your money work for you

If you can’t do all the above tips because of whatever reason you may have, then it’s time to consider availing the service of a laundry shop. If you live in a condominium, there is a good chance that there is already an established laundry shop there or near your building. Please read this article for your reference regarding benefits of laundry shops.


There should be no reason for you to keep your clothes smelling fresh even during rainy season. Keep in mind this laundry tips and tricks because it is always important to wear clean clothes and having a refreshing smell of them will boost your self-esteem even if the weather is not cooperation with your laundry routine.

I hope you learned something!

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