Laundry Promotion Ideas – 14 Tips For Added Visibility

By   February 5, 2017

From the previous article, we talked about the things to consider when promoting your laundry business. We have considered the time of the day and week, how an event, signage and giveaways can be helpful, and even sponsorship and acknowledgement letters.

However, there are a lot more laundry promotion ideas that you can consider. Laundry promotion ideas that are sometimes neglected because many thought they were a waste of time and waste of resources especially for those small laundry businesses.

But in my opinion, every exposure would be beneficial to your business. See and observe which one will contribute to your success.

Laundry Promotion Ideas – 14 Tips For Added Visibility

Laundry Promotion Ideas – 10 Tips For Added Visibility

1 Design a Logo

Having a logo for your business is must. This will be your trademark. It is like the finger print for us humans. If you are creative enough, you can design your logo on your own. You can also hire someone to design it for you.

For as little as five dollars, you can have your very own well designed and professional logo. Yes, it’s that cheap. Visit to see it for yourself.

I’ve put this in the number one spot because you will need a logo in almost all of the following items.

2 Setup a signage in your store

Make it as large as possible so that people can see it even from a far. But if you are a small laundry business owner, this may be too much for you. (I feel you…)

Instead, proportion the size of your signage with your laundry shop. And of course, determine your budget too.

3 Soon to open sign

Before you even officially open you business to the public, you have to let the people know that there will be a laundry shop soon to open in your place. This is of course assuming that there are no tenants occupying the area.

4 Balloons, Stuffed toys and other Gifts

During the grand opening, give away free balloons and toys printed with your logo and business name. Give it to the kids around the neighborhood so adults who are around those kids will see your logo and business name.

It’s a clever strategy but certainly is effective. These giveaways will last for days. And if you’re lucky, it will even last for a week.

5 Schedule promos and discounts

If you can manage, try to list down all your possible promos and schedule them then announce it at least a month before the implementation date. This will arouse your customers and they will be excited of these dates.

Try quarterly promos. Run it for a week or two and you will find it beneficial to your business.

6 Flyers, posters and tarpaulins

Advertise your laundry business by giving away your flyers from time to time to ensure constant acquisition of new clients.

Posters and tarpaulins will also help in your campaign. These are a bit costly because you are not sure of its outcome. But acquiring a few costumers every campaign is worthwhile.

7 Business Card

Make sure that you have your own business card with you all the time. So that you are prepared when you meet someone who might be interested in doing business with you.

This is a much professional approach than giving away flyers to a special person.

8 Uniforms of your employees

Provide uniform for your employees printed with you logo and business name. Besides additional advertising, it is neat and easy on the eyes of your clients if your employees have uniform clothing.

It can also serve as an identification of your employees especially if you offer a pickup and delivery service.

9 Receipts and other forms

Print your business name on your receipts and other forms such client’s bio, claim stub, inventory form, etc.

This is to ensure that the documents are really from you. And again, it is an advertising strategy.

10 Join events and activities on your locale

If there are fiestas or a public gathering, reach out to your community leaders and offer a hand. It doesn’t necessarily mean you give a monetary donation. But you can offer to help them accomplish something like participating in a parade or something.

This will be a good chance for your business to get significant number of clients.

11 Make a social media account for your business

Nowadays, social media is a powerful tool to advertise something. Many businesses use Facebook and Twitter to promote their business. Even those who are the biggest in the industry are using social media to expand their reach.

And you should use it too. Anyway, it is free to make an account on many social media networks. Use it to your advantage.

12 Register your business in Google My Business Page

No doubt, Google is the most used search engine on earth right now. And they also offer an application called Google My Business Page. Have you ever wondered why there are familiar businesses popping out on your screen when you search on Google Maps?

That’s it! Those businesses did not appear in there automatically. You have to register and enlist you own business. Go ahead and register you business with Google My Business Page.

13 Create a Website or a Blog

If you are serious about your business, then do not skip this tip. Create a website or a blog for your business. This is a very good idea because more and more people are actually searching the web before going to the physical store.

Admit it. You also may have experienced searching for the website of the store you want visit before you actually went. I bet you already did this at least once.

You can hire a professional to do this on your behalf. Yes again, it will only cost you as cheap as five dollars.

Or you can learn how to make one for yourself even if you are not so techie person. If you can follow instructions and have the patience to scour the internet for information, then you can definitely do it.

Just search how to make a website or blog on Google and thousand of reading materials and videos will emerge.

14 Ask your family and friends for help

Ask them if they have any more laundry promotion ideas that you can do to grow your business.

Ask them too, to help you spread the word by telling your business to their friends.

Word of mouth is the most effective advertising of all. This is because it is perceived that when someone you trust recommends to you a certain product or a service, you tend to avail it.

Because you already know someone who uses this kind of product or service.

And there you have it! Those are the laundry promotion ideas I can think of as of now. Hopefully it would help add visibility of your laundry business with your target market.

If you have any other idea, I would appreciate you sharing it with me in the comments section below.

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