Research Before You Start A Laundry Business

Laundry business is easy to start because experience is not required in this industry. However, it is a competitive business so you have to differentiate your shop from other existing laundry shops in order to be successful. The most important thing you should do before you start a business is to research. Make a research… Continue reading »

How To Build Capital For Your Dream Business

Tonight, I had a chat with a friend while waiting for a meeting to start. We were talking about our salaries. Then he remembered that I had a laundry business. And he asked, how did you find the money as capital? He was confused because I told him my salary and he knows that it… Continue reading »

How To Remove Cooking Oil Stain From Your Clothes

Washing your clothes requires a lot of work. What more if those clothes have cooking oil stain? Fortunately, cooking oil stain on clothes is very easy to remove. But it will leave a mark if you do not treat it right. This article is for the people who love making delicious fatty food. I will… Continue reading »

I Am Juan Of Those

Juan represents the Filipino people. This video got my attention while browsing in YouTube because of the title. “Ang pagkakaiba ni Juan Mahirap, Juan Middle Class at Juan Mayaman”. Translation: “Differences between Poor Filipino, Middle Class Filipino and Rich Filipino”. I’m  a Juan and I am struggling financially.