Why Customers Get Angry

Angry customers come whether you like it or not. I was reading other blogs when I came across an article. My attention instantly focused on it and got my blood fired up. Why? The article was written by an individual. It is about her experiences in various laundry shops. She was talking about her bad… Continue reading »

Saving Time, Energy And Money

It’s week end again! And it’s laundry time again! There are a lot of people do their own laundry due to different reasons. Reasons like one might have a bad experience towards a number of laundry businesses or simply they don’t have enough money. Some are more comfortable by washing their own clothes. Some may… Continue reading »

Study Before You Start A Laundry Business

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. A quote from Benjamin Franklin. One of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Study and see how his country’s standing in the global economy. Exceptional, right?

7 Signs Why You Should Invest In Laundry Business

Many entrepreneurs already know what business they want to start but they end up not pursuing it because of doubt and waiting for some heavenly signs. They hesitate to start their dream business because they do not know what they should consider. You might be wondering whether it is wise for you to start a… Continue reading »