8 Biggest Laundry Mistakes You Are Most Likely Doing

Just like how every person is not created equally, the clothes you wear are also different from each other. This means that different materials will also require unique and different approaches to avoid laundry mistakes. You probably know by now that you should separate your clothes, but are you sure that you wash them the… Continue reading »

Laundry Promotion Ideas – 14 Tips For Added Visibility

From the previous article, we talked about the things to consider when promoting your laundry business. We have considered the time of the day and week, how an event, signage and giveaways can be helpful, and even sponsorship and acknowledgement letters. However, there are a lot more laundry promotion ideas that you can consider. Laundry… Continue reading »

How To Promote Your Laundry Business Effectively

Startup’s most common problem is that they struggle in finding clients. Whether your laundry business setup is a full service or coin laundry do it yourself setup, you have to make your potential clients be aware that you exist. It is very important to promote your laundry business so people can find you. This is… Continue reading »

Keeping your Head Down and Keep Blogging

It has been a tough year for me. I get advises like don’t stop and keep blogging. But it was easier said than done. I’d like to stick my head on blogging and hopefully achieve what my original purpose was. And one of those purposes is to make additional income thru blogging. I have read… Continue reading »