Problems Solved With Hydrogen Peroxide (Agua Oxigenada)

By   March 22, 2016

Hydrogen Peroxide (also known as Agua Oxigenada) is an antiseptic and disinfectant solution. Its main use is for medical purposes especially for first aid treatment on many injuries. It has a property to kill bad bacteria that may be infectious. And it can also help clean your dirty or garments with stains.

Where to find hydrogen peroxide or agua oxigenada

You can usually find this inside your first aid kit. It is cheap and is really easy to find.

You can find it in your local pharmacies, groceries or even in convenience stores.

Higher chemical concentration requires a prescription though. But the 3% hydrogen peroxide solution can be bought over the counter.

Hydrogen Peroxide

I recommend that you only buy the 3% solution. More concentrated hydrogen peroxide may be hazardous if not used properly.

Hydrogen peroxide or agua oxigenada is a common medicine just like alcohol and betadine that is used for cleaning cuts or bruises. You can eliminate ear wax by pouring a few drops inside your ear using a dropper.

But did you know that hydrogen peroxide can also be used in cleaning clothes? It can remove different kinds of stains on your laundry and helps whiten your clothes too.

Hydrogen peroxide for laundry use

Hydrogen peroxide best use is it can clean blood stains effectively. It is a good remover of many kinds of stains such as yellowish underarm stains, fruit or vegetable stained carpets, seat covers, comforters, etc.

How, you might ask. Just dilute one cup of hydrogen peroxide in detergent mixture when washing your clothes. One cup is all you need for a 20 kilogram capacity of washer.

It can be as effective but not harsh to skin and clothes as compared bleach and it is also economical.

Have you noticed that colored shirts become dull after some time? Hydrogen peroxide can help make it brighter because of the bleaching effect.

So, make your old clothes become alive once more by mixing a cup of hydrogen peroxide when washing.

Just a reminder though, do not use hydrogen peroxide every time you do your laundry to avoid having additional expenses. Try to judge it yourself depending on how often you use and wash your clothes.

Cleaning washing machine

You can also use it to clean your washer. Both front loader, top loader and your ordinary household washing machine can become smelly a number of use. Again, you just need one cup of hydrogen peroxide mix with water and run your washing machine for 5 minutes. That will do the trick.

Hydrogen peroxide can be considered as one of the most effective cleaning agent when used correctly. Cleaning magic, cleaning wonder and other names were referred to a hydrogen peroxide.

Knowing how it is used can be very convenient. But using it without understanding its nature can be costly. So I would like to remind you to do your own research before applying it on your clothes.

I hope you learned something!

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