9 Products And 8 Services That Are Proven To Sell During Rainy Season

By   June 19, 2016

Summer is gone and rainy season are here again. Many businesses will undergo a decrease of sales especially those businesses that are focused on cold refreshments, beach resorts and other services. But this season will also be a good one for some businesses.

Rainy Season

This article intends to give you ideas on what products and services that can take advantage of the rainy season.

9 Products To Sell During Rainy Season

1 Packed lunch

It’s a hassle to go out of the office when raining. You can offer a free delivery to office employees. Many employees will opt to purchase especially during heavy rains.

2 Umbrella

This is easier to sell because it can be used whether it’s sunny or rainy. It’s comfortable to use and easy to carry around.

3 Raincoat and boots

People who work outdoors are more likely to buy this product. This is also in demand for motor cycle owner like me.

4 Hot drinks

Coffee and hot chocolate drinks are the most popular drinks during rainy season. It warms up your body pretty good. No wonder you can find coffee vending machines in almost every corner here in Manila.

5 Congee and noodles

It’s nice to eat these kinds of food during rainy season. Just like coffee, it warms you up. You can put up a stall and serve congee and noodles.

6 Mosquito nets

Mosquitoes multiply very fast during rainy season. And the simple way to not get bitten is using mosquito nets when you sleep.

7 Sweaters and jackets

Sell this to your friends with a great fashion sense. Give them amazingly designed leather jackets and you’ll be rewarded.

8 Scarf and caps

Partnered with sweaters and jackets will boost your friends good looks, up sell this to them.

9 Vehicle cover

Cars and motor cycles are expensive. Owners will definitely protect their cars and they are the perfect target market for this product.


8 Services To Sell During Rainy Season

1 Delivery and pick up services

Be a personal assistant that deliver and pick up things. Just like Hey Kuya!

2 Waterproofing services

Concrete tends to crack. That’s a fact. I know because I’m a civil engineer. Be a waterproofing contractor.

3 Roofing repair services

Does it also rain inside your house? Most likely, you have a damaged roof. You can offer services that fix roofing problems.

4 Plumbing services

Offer your neighbors to fix their damaged downspouts. Who knows they might also have problems with their drainage systems.

5 Water pump machine rental

This can be a good business all year round but pumping machines are more used during rainy days especially when there are floods.

6 Laundry services

This is the best time of the year for laundry shops. Since air drying in homes is not efficient during rainy season, people go to laundry shops.

7 Car wash services

Since roads are mostly wet during this season, cars will be dirtier. And this means more opportunities for car washing business.

8 Farming

This is the season all farmers are waiting for because water for their fields is free and plenty.


That’s it! Rainy season is really a blessing. If you have more ideas, please let me know!

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