Purpose Of This Blog

By   December 18, 2015

In search of my purpose and passion and the urge to be present in the digital world is what pushed me to start blogging. I wanted to share my ideas and especially the lessons I learned.

Purpose Of This Blog

What is my purpose and what do I try to achieve out of this blog?

For this reason, I made this blog to record and keep track the progress of our laundry business. I learned this practice in my full time job as an engineer. I usually do all the documentation from start of the project up to completion. So I decided to apply my knowledge here. But this time there will be no completion to look forward to. I plan to do this until the end of my time. This is my purpose in life. So help me God. Haha!

I made this blog because there are only a handful of articles about laundry business in the web (at least I’m talking for Philippines only). So I hope to contribute in this industry.

Another purpose why I made this blog is to share our experiences in handling our laundry business. Soon I will be making articles on how we do things inside the shop, our ups and downs, activities, techniques, and future plans.

I made this blog for individuals who plan to engage in the Laundromat industry. I will be giving tips and tricks which we actually perform. It doesn’t matter if it is effective or a ineffective move so that readers shall get an idea on the hardship they are about to face. You better watch out for those articles.

I made this blog

I made this blog because I am proud that our business is striving and growing consistently. That’s why I will keep on writing and compose articles for this blog even though my grammar is weak.

I made this blog as an advertisement to reach more clients. More clients mean more sales. More sales mean more income.

I made this blog because I can also earn extra money while maintaining the above mentioned purposes through advertisements and internet marketing.

I made this blog to acknowledge the hard work of my wife, Cathy, because she’s the master mind of this business.

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