How We Receive Your Laundry

By   December 22, 2015

It’s your laundry day! But you have something important to do today. Maybe you have to go to supermarket to replenish your stock at home. Do you have a meeting with an important person that you can’t afford to lose? Are you not feeling well? But you know you have to do your laundry because you need it for work. Let us help you. Visit our shop and let us receive your laundry wash your clothes.

How We Receive Your Laundry

How we receive your laundry

Here is the step by step procedure when we receive your laundry as per our company’s policies;

  1. Greet the client.
  2. Inspect and categorize the clothes if it is big or small. Big category examples are bed sheets, bath towels and comforters. Small category examples are shirts and pants.
  3. Weighing.
  4. Count the items to be laundered.
  5. Tally the count with the client.
  6. If with discrepancies, notify the client immediately.
  7. Register the numbers to the laundry request form or receipt.
  8. Indicate the date, name of client, address and contact number.
  9. Give a copy of receipt to client to serve as their claim stub.
  10. Ask the client if they need additional requests.
  11. Say thank you.

Then, we do the service you requested after we receive your laundry.

We look forward in doing business with you for many years to come.

Please inform us if you want some special treatment to be done on your clothes when we receive it so we can take care of them properly.

Kindly share your comments below and let us know how we and be of help for you. By giving us your thoughts, we will be able to improve our service.

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