How To Remove Blood Stain On Clothes Using These 5 Household Items

By   September 17, 2016

Our friends in the medical world are most likely to have blood stain on their clothes. Especially to those who are in the front line. I am talking about emergency situations.

They are the ones who respond when there are accidents in the streets. And this is one example where this kind of laundry problem came from.

How To Remove Blood Stain On Clothes

Blood stain can be treated easily when you worked on it instantly. But the dilemma is that blood stain is quick drying. So when you are in the field, it is uncertain that you can treat it right away.

That’s why I made this article to serve as your guide when removing blood stain on your clothes. Included in the lineup are some items which can be found on your home to make it easier for you.

At the end of this post, you will learn how to remove blood stain on clothes.

Here are the items and chemicals arrange alphabetically

  • Ammonia (10% concentration)
  • Cornstarch (Paste)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (3% concentration)
  • Salt and Water Mixture
  • White Vinegar

5 Ways to remove blood stain on clothes

Ammonia – a 10% solution concentration is all you need. No need to purchase for a higher concentration because this chemical is hazardous if handled incorrectly.

First off, prepare a mixture of ammonia and water by one is to one ratio (1:1 ratio). Drop a small amount of ammonia water solution directly on the affected area then carefully work it up by rubbing the cloth.

You should be able to see that a good amount of the blood stain is broken down. Add another drop of the solution and rub it until the blood stain is completely gone. Then launder as normal.

Cornstarch – Mix it up with a bit of water to form a paste. Spread the cornstarch paste in the area with blood stain and stroke it into the fabric at a snail’s pace. Leave it to dry, if possible put it under the sunlight to hasten the drying on the cornstarch paste.

The cornstarch will absorb the blood stain and it will take effect while drying. Using an old toothbrush, remove the dried cornstarch and the blood stain should have disappeared. If not, repeat the process then launder as usual.

It’s a cheap solution.

Hydrogen Peroxide – This chemical is also very good in whitening whites because of its chemical composition. Check out my earlier blog post about hydrogen peroxide.

Moving on, just apply it directly on to the stain, wait for a minute or two for it to take effect on the stain. The blood stain will disintegrate when reacted to this chemical solution. Rinse with water and then launder as normal.

Salt and water solution – Dilute salt in water and you have the salt and water solution. Soak the stained cloth in the solution for a few hours.

Pour in small amount of detergent soap on the affected area and rub off the stain. Launder as normal when the stain is gone.

White Vinegar – Apply directly on the spot where the blood stain is. Let it soak for 10 minutes and then blot using a clean tissue paper or a piece of cloth. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. Then wash it right away.



Blood stain removal is actually pretty easy to deal with. Nothing fancy with those methods. But without the right knowledge you just learned, you might mess up your dear clothes.

Now that you have plenty of choices on how you can remove blood stain from your clothes, there is no more reason for you to worry when you encounter this kind of trouble.

I hope you learned something!

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