The Result Of Forgetting Soaked Laundry And How To Avoid It

By   August 21, 2016

Some of you have experienced forgetting soaked laundry overnight. Come on guys! Admit it!

Some may be a procrastinator and some are just plain forgetful.

Okay, fine! I’m guilty, I also have an experience with this kind of problem. I forgot my laundry for two days that I have soaked in water.

I also know someone who totally forgot her soaked laundry for a week. This one is insane because the water has detergent and bleach in it.

Can you imagine it? But I won’t tell her name because I’ll definitely get beaten up if I did.

It’s the worst laundry problem I have witnessed so far.

And today, I want to share with my experience so that you would know what to do when you forget your soaked laundry for a few days.

The Result Of Forgetting Soaked Laundry

The result of forgetting soaked laundry

  1. Smells bad – It really smelled like garbage. Everyone stepped back when they tried to check it out.
  2. Faded clothing – The recommended soaking time for white clothes in water with detergent and bleach is 10 minutes only. That is enough time for the bleach to breakdown a stain. Even if the clothes are whites, one week is too much.
  3. Molds – Molds are already visible which means that the power of the bleach to breakdown bacteria on fabric is long gone. The clothes are now beginning to deteriorate.
  4. Brittle when dried – The fabric can now be easily torn.

How to avoid it

  1. Let someone know that you have soaked laundry that needs to be cleaned.
  2. If you are alone, remind yourself by setting an alarm on your phone.
  3. Do not cover or hide the container. Place it where you can easily see it.
  4. Do not multi task and do not procrastinate.

Bonus – How to treat the forgotten soaked laundry

  1. Rinse well. Just put in one rinse cycle. The bad smell won’t be removed at this time so you do not need too much rinsing.
  2. Use fabric conditioner as you normally do on ordinary load of laundry.
  3. Do not twist and wring it
  4. Hang to dry in a shade.
  5. When dried, wash it again with small amount of detergent and one half cup of vinegar to remove the bad odor.
  6. Again, use fabric conditioner and then hang to dry in a shade.
  7. Do not iron.

Though you can’t bring back the faded color and the fabric is now prone to tearing.

But at least now you can wear the clothes again.

I hope you learned something!

Share your thoughts below.

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