Saving Time, Energy And Money

By   February 29, 2016

It’s week end again! And it’s laundry time again! There are a lot of people do their own laundry due to different reasons. Reasons like one might have a bad experience towards a number of laundry businesses or simply they don’t have enough money. Some are more comfortable by washing their own clothes. Some may not have a laundry shop in their area like in provinces.

Some might have maids living with them. Or some might just be simply saving their money.

In this article, I will share to you how to save time and energy while doing your laundry at home.

But before that, I’d like to tell you my story. I came from a poor family.

Both of my parents were also employees.We only have two sources of income… from their salaries. It was just enough for a family of four. So we always watch what we spend our money for.

During my college years, I am always the one in charge of the laundry. Even when I already have a job, I still do our laundry personally. We never experienced sending our dirty clothes to a laundry shop. Simply because we want to save. You see, I too have experienced washing my own dirty clothes. Actually, my whole family’s dirty clothes.

Whether you’re an employee or a student, you will have to deal with your dirty clothes at some point also. Unless, you are super duper rich. You might just opt to throw away your dirty clothes and buy new ones instantly than to wash them on your own. But for an ordinary individual who prefer to wash their own clothes, this article is for you.

Saving Time, Energy And Money

How to save time, energy and money

Here are the things you should consider:

Proper segregation

Every time you change your clothes, you can directly segregate your clothes. Improvise a separate hamper for light colored, dark colored and delicate clothes. So when the weekends comes, you don’t have to check your clothes 1 by 1. You saved time.

Proper sequence

You should wash light colored clothes first. Then the dark colored clothes. Why? You don’t want your light colored clothes to be stained. Dark colored clothes might transfer their color to the light colored clothes. That will be a disaster especially on white clothes. You saved time, energy and money.

Proper usage of detergent and fabric conditioner

Avoid pouring in too much detergent. Pour in small amount at a time until right mixture have been achieved. Right mixture means the detergent is just enough to clean the clothes. Note: Add 1 spoon full vinegar in the water while washing with soap. It will remove the unpleasant smell in your clothes. Same with fabric conditioner. Just pour in small amount at a time. You save energy and money.

Proper usage of spinner and drier

You don’t have to shoot all your clothes in the drier (in case you have a drier). You can just spin your clothes for 1 minute and that will be enough to remove significant amount of moisture. You saved time and energy.

Proper hanging

Use hangers and clips. This will allow the air to circulate better through your clothes. You saved energy.

Proper folding and ironing

When folding, choose the largest piece first like blankets, bath towels, maong pants. You will be able to sort your clothes easily once the large clothes are done. Try folding from largest to the smallest piece of cloth. When ironing, always consider that you don’t have to switch the flat iron to its maximum. Try to adjust the heat depending on type of fabric you are about to press. Also, when the desired temperature is achieved, you can turn the flat iron off for a couple of minutes. The heat will surely stay for a few more minutes. You saved time and energy.

And there you have it! I hope you learned something! Stay tuned for more tips about laundry business!

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