Learn How to Say Laundry in Different Languages

By   December 28, 2016

Do you know how to say laundry in different languages? Well, today is your lucky day because you will learn how other nationalities say the term “laundry”. I have compiled a list of different languages for us to get familiarize with the term laundry and I included the countries of origin.

There are more than 6,000 different spoken languages all over the world today. I listed the 55 most widely used languages in this blog post to make it short.

Learn How to Say Laundry in Different Languages

Learn How to Say Laundry in Different Languages

  1. Lavanderi in Albanian (Albania)
  2. Garbitegia in Basque (Basque – Northern Spain)
  3. Praonica in Bosnian (Bosnia)
  4. Praonica in Croatian (Croatia)
  5. Bugaderia in Catalan (Catalonia – Northern Spain)
  6. Prádlo in Czech (Czech Republic)
  7. Vaskeri in Danish (Denmark)
  8. Wasserij in Dutch (Netherlands)
  9. Pesu in Estonian (Estonia – Europe)
  10. Pesula in Finnish (Finland)
  11. Blanchisserie in French (France)
  12. Lavandería in Galician (Galicia – Spain)
  13. Wäscherei in German (Germany)
  14. Mosoda in Hungarian (Hungary)
  15. Bvottahús in Icelandic (Iceland)
  16. Níocháin in Irish (Ireland)
  17. Lavanderia Italian (Italy)
  18. Veļas Mazgātava in Latvian (Republic of Latvia – Northern Europe)
  19. Skalbykla in Lithuanian (Lithuania)
  20. Laundry in Maltese (Malta)
  21. Vaskeri in Norwegian (Norway)
  22. Pranie in Polish (Poland)
  23. Lavanderia in Portuguese (Portugal)
  24. Spălătorie in Romanian (Rome)
  25. Prachechnaya in Russian (Russia)
  26. Veš in Serbian (Serbia)
  27. Bielizeň in Slovak (Slovakia)
  28. Pralnica in Slovenian (Slovenia)
  29. Lavandería in Spanish (Kingdom of Spain)
  30. Tvätt in Swedish (Sweden)
  31. Golchi Dillad in Welsh (Wales – Great Britain)
  32. Lvats’k’atun in Armenian (Armenia – Euroasia)
  33. Camaşırxana in Azerbaijani (Azerbaijani – Euroasia)
  34. Labaṅga in Bengali (Bengal – Asia)
  35. Xǐyī diàn in Chinese (People’s Republic of China)
  36. Samrets’khao in Georgian (Georgia – Euroasia)
  37. Lōnḍrī in Gujarati (Gujarat – Western India)
  38. Lŏnḍrī in Hindi (India)
  39. Randorī in Japanese (Japan)
  40. Setag in Korean (Korea)
  41. Kan sak lid in Lao (Laos)
  42. Alakku in Malayalam (India – Kerala State)
  43. Lām̐ḍrī in Nepali (Nepal)
  44. Calavai in Tamil (Sri Lanka)
  45. Sạkrīd in Thai (Thailand)
  46. Giặt ủi in Vietnamese (Vietnam)
  47. Labada in Filipino (Philippines)
  48. Camaşır in Turkish (Turkey)
  49. Wasgoed in Afrikaans (South Africa)
  50. Dhaqdo in Somali (Somalia)
  51. Cucian in Indonesian (Indonesia)
  52. Umbah-umbah in Javanese (Ethnic group in Indonesia)
  53. Fanasan-damba in Malagasy (Madagascar)
  54. Dobi in Malay (Malaysia)
  55. Horoi in Maori (New Zealand)


Do You Know How to Say Laundry in Different Languages?

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