Self Service Coin Operated Laundry Shop – How Big Should It Be?

By   August 6, 2016

Here is another article about space requirements of one of the common setup of laundry shop. How big should a self service coin operated laundry shop be?

I would like to remind you that there is no exact floor area for this kind of set up because it will all depend on your capital and the availability of location.

But I intend to give you an idea just in case you want to enter in this industry.

Self Service Coin Operated Laundry Shop

Let us assume that you want to start a self service coin operated laundry shop with at least 5 washing and 5 drying machine. It is wise to opt for the combined washing machine and drying machine type of equipment. This type is called the all in one washer dryer combo equipment.

Please take note that there are 2 types of all-in-one washer dryer combos. The vertical type is the one which appears to be on top of the other machine. Washer below and dryer on top.

The other one is the horizontal type which looks like 2 machines that are set up to stand side by side.

Choose the vertical set up to save valuable space.

Just like what we did in my previous article about one stop shop laundry shop space requirements, we start at the main entrance of your proposed shop.

How big should a self service coin operated laundry shop be?

From the entrance

Reception counter area. You want to position you reception area at the entrance to monitor the incoming and outgoing customers. A 3 square meters space should be allotted for the reception counter, shelves and a working space for your employee. You should also position your storage area in this space so that your employee can easily grab a mop when water is spilled.

Waiting area. Position this beside your reception counter area to monitor the waiting clients. When the machine is already doing its job, your costumers have no choice but to wait for the machine to finish its cycle. This will consume about 90 minutes each wash cycle and another 60 minutes for drying. So you will need an area where they can sit down while they wait for their clothes. Assume that 2 people will come to your shop for each machine. And consider also the people who will be waiting in line. You need 14 to 16 seats which can occupy at least 12 square meters of floor area.

To the working area

Large table area. This will be used as a sorting and folding area of your costumers. Around 3 square meters is enough to accommodate the costumers.

Equipment area. We know that a high efficiency washing machine and drying machine will occupy at least 1 square meter. But the all-in-one washer dryer combo has a larger base which can occupy up to 1.5 square meters each. This will translate to a minimum of 7.5 square meter for the 5 equipment.

Equipment servicing or maintenance area. You should also consider small space for the maintenance area at the back of your equipment. These equipment are really heavy so it is not easy to move them around. Consider a 0.5 square meter for each machine which translates to 2.5 square meters.

Working space.  This is actually the hardest space to estimate because you cannot control fully the movements of your costumers. But do not worry because I am here to help you determine the working space you need. Use the large table as your reference. Allot 1.5 meter from the edge of the table up the nearby limits like walls or the equipment. You will need a 12 square meters of working space for your costumers. Yes! It’s that big.

For a total of…

A whopping 40 square meters of floor area is what you need. Please bear in mind that our estimate is based on the assumption that your coin operated laundry shop will be operating with 5 equipment only. You will need more space if you put on more equipment so study your commercial space carefully.


Find a space for a fridge or a coffee maker. Sell some drinks and snacks to your waiting customers. Having an additional income is definitely a good thing

I hope this article has helped you get an idea about on how big should a coin operated laundry shop be.

I hope you learned something!

Share your thoughts below.

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2 Comments on “Self Service Coin Operated Laundry Shop – How Big Should It Be?

  1. Kylie Dotts

    I like your suggestion to consider a small space for maintenance equipment in your building. While it probably won’t be necessary to use, for the most part, it would be good to have coin operated laundry equipment ready in case of a problem. Being prepared for anything will help ensure that your business always operates smoothly and can allow for a continuous stream of customers.

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