Simple Guide Designed For An Efficient Laundry Routine

By   August 19, 2016

What is your laundry routine? Do you wash your clothes everyday so your laundry won’t stack up? Or you just do it once a month simply because you have a large collection of wardrobe?

For young professionals, establishing a laundry routine on a weekly basis is ideal because their weekdays are spent on their jobs. Well, it is really up to you on how often you should wash your clothing. Just keep in mind the importance of wearing clothes.

But to have an efficient laundry routine, you have to follow the steps outlined below.

  • Sorting
  • Read and follow the care label tags
  • Clear all the pockets
  • Pre-treat stains
  • Appropriate machine load
  • Set the right water temperature
  • Wait for the wash cycle
  • Drying

Simple guide designed for an efficient laundry routine

Simple guide designed for an efficient laundry routine


It is very important to sort your clothes according to the type of fabric.

Never mix up whites and colored garments, unless you want the white clothes to be transformed in colored clothing.

Wool and delicate clothing should be separately washed to prevent damaging them. Better yet, just hand wash this type of clothing.

Also, separately wash your towels, bed sheets and pillow cases to ensure that they stay as soft as possible.

Read and follow the care label tags

Do not disregard the care labels especially on your fancy and expensive clothes. They are attached in your clothes for a good reason.

The symbols will tell you exactly what to do on different types of fabric. When it says do not wash with hot water, believe it. When it says dry clean only, believe it.

You may only need to read the care tags once in your lifetime. If you wash your own clothes then you will be able to memorize them.

Clear all the pockets

You don’t want your cash, important notes and cards to be destroyed. Make it sure that all the pockets are empty.

Pre-treat stains

Stain removal is much easier by pre-treating them. Please note that pre-treating processes varies on different kinds of stains. If there are stained clothes and you do not know how to pre-treat it, it is better to just separate it for now.

Appropriate machine load

Make sure that your washing machine was loaded appropriately depending on the type of fabric you are going to wash to get the most out of your machine.

Set the right water temperature

The right water temperature will prevent your clothes from fading and shrinking. It also helps in cleaning your clothes well.

Cold water is economical and best for bright-colored garments and the delicate ones.

Warm water is for large loads such as jeans, denim and the heavily soiled clothes.

Hot water is for bed sheets, towels and comforters. These fabrics are used multiple times and may contain harmful bacteria and mildews.

Wait for the wash cycle

Now, let the machine do its job while you wait or do some other productive activity. This is the easiest part on the guide.


You can either use a drying machine or if you have a backyard and the weather is cooperating, then I recommend you just hang them to dry naturally under the sun.

I hope you learned something and I hope you would have an efficient laundry routine by following this simple guide.

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