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Whiten Clothes Using Non Chlorine Based Bleach

Non chlorine based bleach is a chemical substance that can whiten your clothes. It can also serve as a disinfectant and sanitizing agent. Non chlorine based bleach is commonly called as oxygen bleach. The process by which a stain is being removed or broken down is known as oxidation process. The oxidation process kills bacteria… Continue reading »

How To Remove Cooking Oil Stain From Your Clothes

Washing your clothes requires a lot of work. What more if those clothes have cooking oil stain? Fortunately, cooking oil stain on clothes is very easy to remove. But it will leave a mark if you do not treat it right. This article is for the people who love making delicious fatty food. I will… Continue reading »

How Do We Wash Your Clothes

After we have received and confirmed the quantity of your clothes, you guessed it right, we wash them. We will either use a washing machine or perform hand washing depending on the type of fabric and depending on how soiled they are. Here are the steps we follow at our laundry shop in washing your… Continue reading »