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Top 10 Brands Of Commercial Laundry Equipment

One of the toughest decisions to make as a laundry business owner is to purchase commercial laundry equipment. When you try to go to an appliance center, you will be seeing a bunch of different brands of laundry machines. From the most famous brands up to brands you have never heard before. You will also… Continue reading »

How To Choose The Right Equipment For Laundry Service Business

When you start to get engaged in this business is that you will be pointed to choosing the right equipment at some point. There are different types of washing machine and different type of drying machine. The right equipment should also be considered depending on the setup of laundry shop you want to establish. It… Continue reading »

2 Types Of Clothes Drying Machine – Which One Will You Choose?

You can’t just hang your clothes in the city. Drying machine is now a necessity especially in highly populated areas where space is limited. Before, only those rich families can afford to have one. Thankfully, there are many incredible brands that offer different features and costs are reasonable nowadays.

How Do We Dry Your Clothes

Wearing dry clothes is highly recommended. Drying can be defined as the way to get rid of water by turning liquid into gas. The process is called evaporation. The conditions for drying clothes are high temperature, air flow and low humidity. We have those 3 conditions here in the Philippines. Drying of clothes in cold… Continue reading »

How Do We Wash Your Clothes

After we have received and confirmed the quantity of your clothes, you guessed it right, we wash them. We will either use a washing machine or perform hand washing depending on the type of fabric and depending on how soiled they are. Here are the steps we follow at our laundry shop in washing your… Continue reading »