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Make A Definite Plan To Reach Your Greatest Desire

Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Everyone has a desire to succeed but not everyone has a definite plan on how they can achieve it. According to the great Napoleon Hill, decide what your burning desire in life is and what you would do to get it.

7 Signs Why You Should Invest In Laundry Business

Many entrepreneurs already know what business they want to start but they end up not pursuing it because of doubt and waiting for some heavenly signs. They hesitate to start their dream business because they do not know what they should consider. You might be wondering whether it is wise for you to start a… Continue reading »

Research Before You Start A Laundry Business

Laundry business is easy to start because experience is not required in this industry. However, it is a competitive business so you have to differentiate your shop from other existing laundry shops in order to be successful. The most important thing you should do before you start a business is to research. Make a research… Continue reading »

It All Started As A Sideline

Having a sideline business is awesome. Years ago when my wife was still a staff working full time in a certain skin care clinic located at a famous mall in Manila, she used to pull out their bed sheets, pillow cases and cloth cover of chairs. She takes it to our home and washed it… Continue reading »