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8 Biggest Laundry Mistakes You Are Most Likely Doing

Just like how every person is not created equally, the clothes you wear are also different from each other. This means that different materials will also require unique and different approaches to avoid laundry mistakes. You probably know by now that you should separate your clothes, but are you sure that you wash them the… Continue reading »

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Small Laundry Business

Just this week, I was asked the same question by four people because they want to start a small laundry business. This was the first time I realize that there are people who actually wanted to learn about the industry. During the first week of this month, I began to worry that the niche I… Continue reading »

3 Easy To Follow Methods On How To Get Rid Of Beer Stain

When adults do party, beer will definitely be present in there. And when you and your friends are getting groggy, your drinks will start to spill out of your mugs that will result to beer stain on your clothes, carpet or on your car seats. What more if you were totally wasted and you throw… Continue reading »