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Make A Definite Plan To Reach Your Greatest Desire

Desire is the starting point of all achievement. Everyone has a desire to succeed but not everyone has a definite plan on how they can achieve it. According to the great Napoleon Hill, decide what your burning desire in life is and what you would do to get it.

How To Motivate Your Employees And Reduce The Risk Of Committing Mistakes

Owning a business and running it yourself is a very good thing. You are now a boss even though your business is small. It’s a lot of hard work. Not only you but for your employees too. There will come a time that your employees seemed to be discouraged or uninspired to work. Mistakes and… Continue reading »

Why Customers Get Angry

Angry customers come whether you like it or not. I was reading other blogs when I came across an article. My attention instantly focused on it and got my blood fired up. Why? The article was written by an individual. It is about her experiences in various laundry shops. She was talking about her bad… Continue reading »

It All Started As A Sideline

Having a sideline business is awesome. Years ago when my wife was still a staff working full time in a certain skin care clinic located at a famous mall in Manila, she used to pull out their bed sheets, pillow cases and cloth cover of chairs. She takes it to our home and washed it… Continue reading »