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3 Easy To Follow Methods On How To Get Rid Of Beer Stain

When adults do party, beer will definitely be present in there. And when you and your friends are getting groggy, your drinks will start to spill out of your mugs that will result to beer stain on your clothes, carpet or on your car seats. What more if you were totally wasted and you throw… Continue reading »

5 Steps To Remove Barbecue Sauce Stain On Clothing

Whether you have a celebration or just another regular day, having a barbecue on your table for dinner is a good way to treat yourself. You can prepare it yourself or buy it from a store. Talking about it makes me want to eat a barbecue. In connection, I made this blog post to discuss… Continue reading »

How To Remove Cough Syrup Stain On Clothes

Having a cough syrup stain on clothes are common for people who have cough. Yeah, I’m trying to be funny. 🙂 But in reality, it is true. Of course, because you won’t get near to any kind of cough syrup if you don’t have cough unless you are a pharmacist or a chemist or a… Continue reading »

How To Remove Massage Oil Stain On Clothing Fast

One of the biggest sources of income of laundry service businesses are from massage parlors and spas. This is because majority of their laundries are just face towels which are very small and are charged in per piece, not by weight. However, massage oil stain is also the biggest nightmare of laundry shop owners and… Continue reading »

How to Remove Crayon Stain on Clothing – Mark and Melted

How to Remove Crayon Stain on Clothing – Mark and Melted

It’s really nice to see our kids when they go to school and learn. They’ll learn how to read, write and use crayons which sometimes end up in their uniform. Crayon stain is very hard to deal with when you have the right knowledge. Dealing with crayon stain is not fun at all because it… Continue reading »