Get To Know The Target Market Of A Startup Laundry Business

By   September 29, 2016

Knowing the target market for any business is critical. I can surely say this because they are the main reason why you want to put up a laundry shop.

They are the ones who will avail and pay for your service. So give a significant amount of time knowing and studying your target market.

For a startup laundry business to succeed, you must know exactly who are your perfect customers or clients. It is part of the research you need to do prior to opening up a business.

Once you knew and found your target market, it will lead you to a more specific marketing strategy to make them buy your service. You will be able to make a blueprint on how to make your business visible to them and how to persuade them.

This is way better than throwing some generic marketing campaign and praying that somebody will come and visit your laundry shop.

It doesn’t work like that.

Knowing your target market will provide you an exact plan to reach them easier and you will be able to save so much time and money figuring out the results you want.

Get To Know The Target Market For A Startup Laundry Business

Target market of a startup laundry business

Students – College students to more precise. Many college students are from provinces and are usually living in the city as bed spacer. The lack of space in their dormitory will trigger the need to avail the services of a laundry shop.

Young professionals – They are a perfect customer because young professionals are usually extroverts and very outgoing. They can go wherever they wish during holidays because they still don’t have much responsibility in life. Offering a laundry service to them will be more likely to succeed.

Small families – In a typical Filipino house, dads and moms are working 6 days a week and their children are also going to their respective schools. They lived in apartments or a condominium unit with limited space for laundry. Their main problem is lack of time due to their busy schedule and the lack of space to do their laundry due to volume of dirty clothes.

Hotels and Hostels – They have their own in-house laundry system. But during peak season, they also outsource their laundry due to uncontrollable demand especially during Valentine’s Day, Summer Vacation and Christmas Season.

Hospitals and clinics – Same as with hotels, medical clinics and hospitals also outsource their laundry. Some small clinics don’t even have in-house launderer.

Salon and spa – They are a very profitable target market. Wow! I can’t describe it any further. If you have 3 to 4 clients of this industry, you’re well on your way to good profit. Why? They only have small towels and sometimes the towels are soiled only a bit. But there’s a catch, if you have a client with massage spa, then you got a lot of work to do because of the massage oils. So study your pricing for this.

Restaurants and catering services – Talking about curtains, table cloths and seat covers. These clients usually outsource their laundry especially for those are overbooked already. They can also be a seasonal client. Nevertheless, they still need a laundry service.

Final thought

You should also be clear your clients because they have different needs and goals. They also have different financial means so think about your pricing.

By finding your target market and knowing exactly how to attract them, you will be able to focus more on things that need your attention.

Knowing your target market is a very important task because this factor can make or break a business.

When you finally got their trust and purchased your service, give back by providing high quality performance so you can have a harmonious relationship with each other.

I hope you learned something!

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