Top 10 Brands Of Commercial Laundry Equipment

By   November 22, 2016

One of the toughest decisions to make as a laundry business owner is to purchase commercial laundry equipment. When you try to go to an appliance center, you will be seeing a bunch of different brands of laundry machines. From the most famous brands up to brands you have never heard before. You will also learn from the stores that these brands have different country of origin.

Top 10 Brands Of Commercial Laundry Equipment

But before we go any further, let me give you an idea of the best brands of commercial laundry equipment you can choose from. So you won’t be wandering what brand of laundry machine you should buy.  These brands offer both high efficiency washers and dryers. They also have portable washing machines and spinners or a combination of both.

Top 10 brands of commercial laundry equipment

  1. Whirlpool
  2. Maytag
  3. Speed Queen
  4. Fujidenzo
  5. LG
  6. GE
  7. Sharp
  8. Frigidaire
  9. Samsung
  10. Electrolux

I recommend you also read the article What Are The Three Different Washing Machine Types to learn more about washing machine types. Also, please read the article 2 Types Of Clothes Drying Machine – Which One Will You Choose to learn more about drying machines. And when you are ready to purchase your first laundry equipment, you also have to learn how to choose the right equipment for laundry service business.

By reading those articles above, you will have more knowledge and will be able to ask better questions to the vendor or to the sales agent assisting you.

My main advice for this post are actually two things.

First is to buy the cheapest one among the list so that you spend below your budget but having a high quality laundry equipment.

Second, is to buy the brand that has a service center in your vicinity. The nearer, the better. Well, I said high quality laundry equipment but it doesn’t mean that your equipment will NOT be broken EVER. You will be using the washers and dryers multiple times daily. After a year or so, expect them to break down. This is the time you will need a service crew to attend to your equipment. And if the service center is very far from your laundry shop, then it will be harder to schedule them for a visit.

I personally use Whirlpool, Speed Queen and Sharp. Simply because they are the most economical among the list and they have service center nearby our shops.

How about you?

What brand of washing machine do you use? Are they worth it?

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